Editor, Co-Director & Co-Cinematographer  •  Mispelerz Anonymous  •  A Bic Wite-Out advertisement in which chronic misspellers share their grief. I chose the black and white theme to match the world of paper documents, ink, and white-strip cover-ups⏤and to help the viewer focus on the idea rather than the color profile.

Videographer & Editor  •  NotAgainSU  •  A short that I filmed on location offering a glimpse of the NotAgainSU movement's protests on Syracuse University Campus the night of 11.20.19.

Videographer & Editor  •  Pulse Unplugged  •  The series finale of Pulse Unplugged, a weekly artist showcase my classmates and I produced in the Newhouse School's John Sykes Music Studio to highlight the talents of local and student artists. I worked on other episodes as well and provided the lighting design for all of them. 

Videographer & Editor  •  Pulse Promo  •  A proof-of-concept I filmed and edited for the directors and producers to convince them that they needed me on board to achieve a cinematic feel for their production.

Co-Writer, Co-Director, Videographer & Editor  •  AIS Review Roundup  •  A casual review of Diane Kander's book All In Startup produced by my graduate classmates and me in the style of The Office.

Editor  •  The Life Coach School  •  A short I edited for The Life Coach School using Zoom footage of meetings between the CEO and her clients. I cut it down from an hour to a minute, produced the backing track in Logic Pro, and channeled my inner meme lord to grab the attention of those scrolling on social media.

Editor  •  The Life Coach School  •  The alternate version of the short on the left, this one fitting with the exact tone and branding of The Life Coach School.

Videographer & Editor  •  A New Wave  •  A skit I produced with the Archias Chapter of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Inc. We combined the skit with the live performance to ultimately win the competition. The live performance was filmed by Alberto Lainez, which I combined with the skit afterward. 

Director, Storyboard Artist & Editor  •  Touch The Sky  •  My grad team and I produced a storyboard music video for Jeff Falk's single "Touch The Sky". I designed the storyboard on Storyboard That and edited it in Final Cut Pro. I also served as director, communicating with the songwriters and overseeing meetings with my team. 

Director, Videographer & Editor  •  SU Lava Project  •  A short sneak-peek of my upcoming documentary film showcasing my former classmates' theses for Syracuse University's Lava Project at the Comstock Art Building. 

Videographer & Editor  •  Ro Live  •  A laid-back, single-cam production capturing the small-time heart and essence of musical artist Ro during their album pre-release live performance at Coney Island, Syracuse. 

Videographer & Editor  •  Titanic Time-Lapse  •  A casual time-lapse video I produced as I assembled my LEGO Titanic model, showing every section's construction paired with tracks from James Horner's Titanic score. 

Videographer & Editor  •  Home Alone Time-Lapse  •  Time-lapse video highlighting my assembly of the LEGO Ideas Home Alone model, showing the McCalister Home construction finished off with Harry & Marv getting destroyed by Kevin's booby traps! Obviously, I had to include John Williams's score in the background.

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