Audio Engineer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer  •  Liam's Piece  •  I mixed and mastered this amazing jazz track composed by Liam Hines and engineered the session with my colleagues Justin Hess and Sean Clark.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer  •  Basket Case  •  ​​​​​​​I mixed and mastered my friend's drum cover, starting with the raw audio files. I edited the video above to compare the raw drums, my processed drums, and my final master in real-time.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Orchestra Arranger  •  Haunted House •  ​​​​​​​An original song by my colleague and friend Carly Eaton. Cover art by Upklyak.

Audio Engineer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Session Drummer  •  Baby Driver  •  My classmates and I had one class to re-score the coffee run in Baby Driver. We wrote, performed, and recorded this score. I set up the drum mics, played the kit, and mixed and mastered the final track. Check out my full sound mix here!

Drummer & Audio Engineer  •  Pearl Session Studio Select

Drummer & Audio Engineer  •  Home Studio Throwdown 

Audio Engineer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Session Drummer  •  Lighthouse  •  ​​​​​​​A collaborative instrumental written by my colleague and friend, Jeff Falk, and performed by Jeff, myself, and Kyle Swigert. We co-engineered the session together. I mixed and mastered the session. Cover art by Macrovector.

Audio Engineer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Composer  •  If Only  •  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I recorded an original song with artist and friend Boedi. Vocals, guitar, and percussion were recorded in the studio. I added the synths and strings in post.

Mastering Engineer  •  Mother & Child  •  ​​​​​​​I mastered an original song by artist and friend Sean Clark. I had no access to the mix, so I mastered the stem.

Audio Engineer  •  Talkin' Black  •  ​​​​​​​In grad school I engineered a podcast run by two of my colleagues called Talkin' Black. I recorded their biweekly episodes with a Rodecaster Pro Podcasting Kit in the studio. 

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