Composer & Sound Designer  •  Petri Monkeys  •  My classmate and I re-scored "Stylo" by Gorillaz. I composed the track, built half of the sound effects, and mastered it. We wrote the story for the video and hired a friend to perform the VO.

Sound Designer  •  Super Mario Odyssey Trailer  •  My first-ever sound design project. I re-scored the Japanese Super Mario Odyssey game trailer with my own sound effects. At that point, I didn't know how to properly crossfade yet.

Baby Driver
Sound Designer  •  Mixing & Mastering Engineer
Since I scored Baby Driver's coffee run here, I decided to re-build all of the sound design from the ground up. The only original audio in the mix below is the cafe dialogue. Left is my full mix⏤right is my sound design only. 

Music + Sound Design

Sound Design Only

Sound Designer, ADR Engineer & Re-Recording Mixer  •  A New Wave  •  I processed and arranged all of the sound effects, recorded ADR for all of the dialogue (folded in using SpaceDesigner reverbs and wet-dry ratios) and arranged all of the music cues for A New Wave. Watch the full edit here

Breath of the Wild Re-Dubbed  
Director  •  Sound Designer  •  Mixing & Mastering Engineer
For my Senior Capstone, I re-dubbed an assortment of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cutscenes. I hired voice actors for each character role and directed and recorded their performances in the studio. I rebuilt all of the sound effects and sound design from the ground up, mixed the dialogue in, and mastered the sessions. This project tested my abilities to direct, produce, organize schedules, write copy, direct performances in the vocal booth, and mix and master dialogue, sound effects, and music into complete scenes. 
Open Your Eyes
The Master Sword
Daruk's Song
Revali's Song
Blades of the Yiga
Silent Princess
Slumbering Power
Zelda's Awakening
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